Latest PSCA Occupations 2022 – Punjab Safe City Authority

Latest PSCA Occupations 2022 – Latest Punjab Safe City Authority The Punjab Safe City Authority (PSCA Occupations) was created in June 2015 to protect the people of the Punjab region in Pakistan from psychological warfare demonstrations and to create a safer environment for interests in the region. had gone. PSCA is a general government division and an attached branch of the Punjab Home Division. The Punjab Safe City Authority (PSCA) occupations were organized to take surveillance and security in the area to an unheard-of level. Hence, it is a complex arrangement of CCTV cameras and checking arrangements covering each of the central issues of the city.

Punjab Safe City Authority (PSCA Occupations) was created by the public authority of Punjab to ensure the safety and security of life and property of the residents of the state. The PSCA has been established under the Punjab Safe Urban Communities Authority Act, 2016, and mandated to execute a project called the Punjab Safe Urban Communities Task. Punjab Safe Urban Communities Authority (PSCA Occupations) is a policing body under the regulatory control of the Joint Legislature of Punjab, Pakistan. The purpose of the PSCA is to prevent and control unlawful intimidation, aggression, vicious misdeeds, and various types of crime.

Punjab Safe Urban Communities Authority (PSCA Occupations) is another public area created by the Joint Legislature of the Punjab Safe City Authority through a demonstration of the Punjab Assembly and is a unique cause of public authority. Its order of Punjab guarantees the welfare and protection of residents, framework, and resources in Punjab using data and electronic innovation (IET).

Punjab Safe Urban Communities Authority (PSCA) is a state branch of Occupations in Punjab, Pakistan. The Metropolitan Restoration Organization stands for Integrated Welfare, Security and Crisis Response Executives for the City of Lahore, Pakistan. Punjab Safe City Authority Executive Major (Rtd) Muhammad Tahir Khokhar charged him to work for the integration and development of Punjab. He is a very honest and true person and serves the betterment of this country.

Qualification Conditions:

  • Applications received in any respect complete or after the due date, will not be entertained.
  • Contestants will be expected to provide all unique records at the time of interview PSCA reserves the right to hold or waive the entire entry process at any time.
  • step without explanation.
  • Only shortlisted competitors will be welcome in the meeting determination process.
  • No TA/DA will be admissible for the meeting/determination process.
  • Note: Any or all applications may be unconditionally rejected without processing the paperwork.
  • No application will be accepted on a case-by-case basis.


  • Chief Maintenance Officer
  • Executive Officer Technology
  • Executive Officer (Data Center)
  • Executive Officer (Big Data)
  • Deputy Executive Officer (RAD)
  • Deputy Executive Officer Traffic Field Sites
  • Associate Executive Officer
  • Deputy Executive Officer
  • Assistant Executive Officer
  • Junior Executive Officer
  • Supervisor
  • Telecommunication Supervisor

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